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beins is on deck.

A steady crowd exited the Academy’s main doors, afternoon classes having just ended after a long and arduous day. Kirk ran a hand through his hair — messy, but on him, as stubborn as was the case, he looked just fine — before spotting a familiar face in the throng of people, cracking a delighted grin just as he crept up on him. “Bones!” he exclaimed, hand falling onto his back. Kirk urged him forward with him. “Busy this afternoon?” Well, medical was expecting an exam, but— “No? Good. You should come with me.” If he looked behind him with the smallest pinch of paranoia, Bones, with all his exam pains, couldn’t have ignored it.

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    Kirk looks around for any unwanted listeners and the moment he faces McCoy again, McCoy’s already looking straight at...
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    Bones had every right to be suspicious, and if the man was the tiniest bit afraid, Jim wouldn’t hold it against him. Leo...
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